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New Features in EDWinXP 2.10



·         Implemented the efficient way to extract the List of Materials

Library Browser

·         Search package by no of pins

Library Editor

·         Device Cutouts option


Library Explorer

·         Added new libraries in Library Explorer (25% more components added)

·         Preview of components as docked view

Schematic Editor

·         Dropdown list in Property Net window

·         Net Information

·         Package Preference Settings

·         List of unused components

·         Junction Point On/Off

Layout Editor

·         Electra Autorouter

·         Changing all the Vias of a circuit at the same time

·         Displaying the Total length of a net

·         Implemented Jumper option for single layer routing

·         Option to choose the required trace

·         Enhanced copper pour test

·         Snap board outline by 45 degree

·         List of copper pour areas